Friday, April 09, 2004

Happy Easter 

Happy Easter to all Christian readers and happy and relaxing holidays to my secular (or otherwise religiously committed) ones.

Speaking of things Easter-ly, last night my wife and I were looking through the TV guide for the long weekend. As in the past, we were expecting to see a sprinkling of biblically-themed classics like "The Robe", "Barabbas", "Ten Commandments" or even one of many Jesus bio-pics of varied quality. This year we've found none. Instead, on Good Friday we're being treated to the "Flintstones" sequel and "Clueless", on Saturday to a James Bond flick and "A Pornographic Affair" (courtesy of - you've guessed it - our multicultural broadcaster SBS), and on Easter Sunday "Doctor Zhivago" and a Jacqueline Kennedy bio. The only Easter themed film over the weekend is an animated feature "Easter in Bunnyland".

Methinks the TV programmers must have said this year: "All the religious freaks have 'The Passion' this year, so they can get f***ed on free-to-air."

That, or the broadcasters are slowly realizing that Australia is now a post-Christian nation and the remaining minority, like all other minority interest groups, can settle on their own cable channel instead.

Either way, it strikes me as somewhat disingenuous that the whole nation gets time off for a holiday hardly anyone celebrates anymore.

Meanwhile, here on "Chrenkoff" we'll be trying to keep the blog updated regularly, so keep on coming back over the long weekend.


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