Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Oops, she did it again 

An interesting piece from the lefty American magazine “The Nation” about the growing popularity of “stripper chic” among teenagers. Now, I don’t particularly care if grown-ups choose to dress like strippers or hookers (and, being all for equal opportunity between the sexes, like pimps) if that gets them off; (w)horses for courses, I guess. But I am concerned about the growing slutification of teenage or even pre-pubescent girls. There is something unsettling about 10-year olds who dress up like 20-year olds, or schoolgirls who dress like strippers who dress like schoolgirls (the only contribution to popular culture that Britney Spears might be remembered for in ten years’ time).

French historian, Philippe Aries had argues some years ago in his “Centuries of Childhood” that childhood as a social phenomenon is a relatively new invention. It is only around the time of the Renaissance (and in many cases much later) that our Western young ‘uns have been granted a period of prolonged innocence between infancy and adulthood, a time to be treasured and enjoyed. It’s unfortunate that at least in this instance our society seems to be going backwards.


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