Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The weasels and the war on terror, Part 2 

Must be a pretty weasely day today. This just in:

"Military lawyers have advised German elite soldiers in Afghanistan not to take prisoners to avoid having to turn them over to US forces, Der Spiegel magazine reported."
God, this brings back some bad memories of previous German military adventures. But it's not what you think:

"Germany's special "KSK" forces operating in the Hindukush region, when making a capture, carefully check the captives' identities before then releasing them."
Which makes them pretty f***ing useless in the hunt for terrorists, doesn't it?

But why release them if you can instead invite them in:

"Germany remains a potential target for Islamist extremists with over 30,000 radicals resident in the country, a report by Berlin's domestic security agency warned."
How about some special forces patrols in Hamburg instead of Hindukush? Then again, you don't need special forces to "carefully check the captives' identities before then releasing them" - your local law enforcement agencies can do it instead.


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