Saturday, July 17, 2004

Iyad Allawi ate my children 

As you might be aware by now, an Australian journalist based in Baghdad, Paul McGeough, has published an article, which claims that the interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has personally executed six suspected terrorists just days before the transfer of sovereignty.

According to two witnesses that McGeough relies on, "the prisoners - handcuffed and blindfolded - were lined up against a wall in a courtyard adjacent to the maximum-security cell block in which they were held at the Al-Amariyah security centre, in the city's south-western suburbs. They say Dr Allawi told onlookers the victims had each killed as many as 50 Iraqis and they 'deserved worse than death'." Which Allawi then proceeded to administer to them.

According to a
report, "McGeough... has left Iraq, but stands by his story. 'If you have a story like this, it's not a good idea to remain in the country,' Mr McGeough told Ten News."

Outrageous bullshit or outrageous truth?

The problem is not just that the media is inclined to think the worst of the Coalition and their Iraqi "puppets", but that in the aftermath of the Abu Ghraib controversy, journalists don't have to work too hard to convince the shocked public that in the Wild Mid East of Iraq anything is possible, including the Prime Minister shooting dead six prisoners.

The damage is already done - in Australia, the
Labor opposition is on the offensive, wanting to have their cake and eat it too: while the claims "appear... to be unbelievable", Labor's Foreign Affairs spokesmen, Kevin Rudd, is still calling on the government to investigate the matter.

Allawi, by the way is
denying the story; Paul McGeough is sticking to it.


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