Friday, July 30, 2004

What will those American imperialists think of next? 

Bloody Yanks; they think they own the whole world. Invade one Third World country, exploit another one economically, dump toxic waste in yet another. But this, surely, is the new low:

"A man from the US state of New Hampshire has played a round of golf - using Mongolia as his course. Andre Tolme completed the vast 18-hole course he mapped out across the country in 12,170 shots. He left the US in May with the goal of walking 1,300 miles across Mongolia, golfing all the way."
Alas, the conspiracy mongers will be disappointed: while Bush and I'm sure many other neocons are avid golfers, the true reason for invading Iraq never had anything to do with turning the country into a giant American golf course. Sadly, too many bunkers.


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