Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Education for the alien nation 

A victory for the quality of education:
"A chain of private California schools that taught immigrants there are 53 U.S. states and four branches of the U.S. government was ordered to stop handing out phony diplomas this week."
Now we only need to stop all the other schools from churning out the whole new generation woefully ignorant of history, culture and geography.

I can imagine the test questions: Which of the following are the other three US states?

a) Hollywood
b) 10 Downing Street
c) Michael Moore
d) state of mind
e) Lost Virginia

The fourth branch of the US government is:

a) the media
b) the Elders of Zion
c) the IRS

The real answers are simpler:
"Students learned that Congress had two houses -- the Senate for Democrats and the House for Republicans; that the U.S. flag had not been updated to reflect the addition of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico to the 'original' 50 states; that the federal 'administrative' branch oversees the Treasury Department; and that World War II occurred from 1938 to 1942."
There might be a method in this madness. Maybe the legislative process would work better if Democrats and Republicans were kept separated. Maybe the Treasury Department does need oversight by the administrative branch. On the other hand, World War Two ending in 1942 is not a good idea - it basically means the Third Reich from Moscow to the Atlantic and the Japanese empire stretching all the way to Australia's doorstep.

The Vietnam War, by the way, was a brief naval conflict in South-East Asian waters that took place between November 1968 and April 1969. It is more commonly known today as Kerry's War.


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