Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"Single White Bush-voting Female seeks..." 

An interesting piece in the "Christian Science Monitor" on the phenomenon of political match-making. It seems that a niche market is rapidly developing among the online dating services, to cater to those who are so passionate about their politics that they only want to share their love and their life with somebody of similar outlook (for another article about this issue, see here).

For those on the right, there is
Conservative Match, or Republican Singles. For those on the left, Democratic Singles, or DemDates. I'm not sure if there are any sites for the Naderites; presumably they can always go and screw themselves.

According to the "Monitor" piece, in a "recent study conducted by iMatchup.com, more than 80 percent of Americans [said they] would be willing to date someone with a different political outlook. A Gallup poll conducted for Match.com also found that 57 percent of singles would consider marrying someone with significantly different political beliefs from their own." It's clear that the other 20 and 43 per cent respectively nevertheless do constitute a sizeable potential market.

Having been involved in politics for years I know of literally dozens of couples who met through politics and subsequently married. The stress and strain that high levels of political involvement can place on a relationship require understanding and support that often can only be provided by somebody who shares the passion and the commitment to the cause. It's not, by any means, a prerequisite to marital bliss and happiness, but as with every other time, energy and resources-consuming interest, it helps if the other partner is of a sympathetic persuasion. It arguably makes for less interesting dinner-table discussions, but also less broken plates.

Any matches made in political heaven or political hell among the readers out there?


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