Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Encircling China 

All that blood has after all been for oil - but according to Arab analysts, not to give America more, but to ensure that China has less. Mohammad Al-Sayed Salim, professor of political sciences at the faculty of economics and political sciences, Cairo University, had this to say at the recent symposium at the Cairo University's Center of Asian Studies:
"The US sees future challenges from China, that is way Washington is trying by all means to encircle the Asian giant from all directions. In achieving its goals, the US has invaded Afghanistan and had military presence in Pakistan as well as in South Korea and the Pacific islands... By launching the war on Iraq , Washington wanted to have a military foothold in the Arab Gulf region for encircling China and depriving China from the Iraqi oil reserves, on which China mainly depends. The goal was to throw a spanner in the Chinese high growth rates before it becomes a major challenger to the US."
And all that time we naively thought it has all been about ensuring the Zionist domination of the Middle East, enriching the Halliburton/oil buddies, and waging a crusade against Islam - whereas in reality it has been about the less T-shirts and cheap toys all along.

Expect the US invasion of Mongolia to complete the encirclement.

On a serious note, I'm sure that China continues to remain on the radar of American policy planners and strategists, but there's little benefit in subscribing to an all-encompassing conspiracy theory to explain all recent American diplomatic and military actions. The real world is a bit more complex than that.


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