Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Kos News 

May well the Daily Kos be concerned that Google News describes it as a (hat tip Tim Blair) "satire" site:
"Someone should look into this. It might send a wrong message to newcomers who stumble onto the site through G[oogle] N[ews]."
Or the right on, depending on where you get your kicks. It must be another attempt by the Bush/Halliburton/Zionist junta to silence dissent and create a climate of fear throughout the United States.

What's of course more interesting is that the Daily Kos is listed at all throughout Google News. As one of the DK's readers comments, Google has a policy against it, and indeed I can't recall ever coming across any other blog while doing a news search there. Mind you, aside from all the "mainstream" news sites, Google News also indexes several non-traditional news outlets, such as the American Daily (which is currently one of my BlogAds sponsors, so make sure you check them out from the sidebar) and Useless Knowledge on the right, and Axis of Logic and Bellaciao Collective on the left.

Well done to Kos, though, for having made it to Google News, even if they shouldn't be there. The Daily Kos - the unwitting streaker across the media's football field.


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