Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Latham Logic 

I know, I know, I've written about it before, but the lack of logic irritates me to no end. The Labor opposition leader Mark Latham continues to spin the Diana Kerry line:
"Australia's involvement in the war in Iraq has made it a more dangerous place and a bigger target for a terrorist attack, Opposition Leader Mark Latham says...

" 'It was a mistake that's made Australia less safe in the war against terror,' Mr Latham told ABC Radio, referring to Australia's involvement in Iraq. 'Mr Howard talks about experience. Well, what sort of experience is it when you make the country a bigger target in the war against terror, divert resources away from our region, where we could have been doing so much more to combat JI (Jemaah Islamiah)?'"
Now, quite apart from the fact that Australia was a terrorist target before Iraq - even before S11 - think for a second just what Latham is arguing:

Prime Minister Howard sent Australia into Iraq - it was a bad decision because it made us a bigger terrorist target.

Mark Latham would not have sent Australia into Iraq, but would concentrate on fighting the terrorists in the region - which would what? - not make us a bigger terrorist target?

Because Jemmah Islamiah terrorists would think: "Iraq - that's unforgivable; we'll get you for that, you Aussie infidels. But the fact that you want to hunt us down and kill us around South East Asia, that's alright, no hard feelings. Just go for it - we understand. It won't make us any more madder at you. Honest."

Mark Latham thinks that our involvement in Iraq has made us less safe, but pursuing the war on terror will not. And he wants to be the Prime Minister.


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