Friday, September 24, 2004

Never happy unless it's raining 

Wasn't John Kerry's response to Iyad Allawi's Congress speech just pathetic? Full of negativity, berating Allawi for trying to point out that there's also some progress happening in Iraq, which undermines Kerry's "the sky has already fallen" Iraq rhetoric. Kerry had an opportunity to appear presidential and statesmanlike; he could have easily prefaced all the criticisms of the current approach with some graceful, general sentiments about freedom, liberation, democracy, and the new future for Iraqi people. Instead he seems to have mistaken Allawi for Bush's Vice-President and launched into fisking of Allawi's "contradictions" as if Iraq was a swing state and Kerry was on the hustings somewhere in Baghdad.

This sort of a Small Political Man Syndrome and the inability to say anything nice about Iraq remind of
a sneering little post on the Daily Kos a few days ago. As you might be aware, the Iraqi national airline, which hasn't taken to the skies since 1990, has recently had its first flight from Amman, Jordan to Baghdad. This event gave the Kos contributor "sipples" a perfect opportunity to sneer about the quality of "progress" in Iraq. You see, the Iraqi Airways only has one plane at the moment, the flight might not have actually carried any passengers, it wasn't well publicised, the airline doesn't have a website, tickets are very expensive, and security concerns make both flying as well as commuting to and from the Baghdad airport somewhat dangerous. Have I missed anything? No that's pretty much all the complaints.

I hate that sort of nit-picking negativity about the smallest of events. This is not public service to give the people straight story on an important aspect of life in Iraq; it is merely an example of a pathological condition that prevents any - absolutely any - positive development in Iraq from going unchallenged. Because as all of us really intelligent people know, nothing good can ever come out of Iraq, especially on Bush's watch.

I really despise the condescension of spoiled, comfortable, middle class Western brats who have no idea of life and realities outside their comfy liberal cocoon. If blogs were around some fifteen years ago, somebody like "sipples" would have been writing the oh-so-hilarious commentary on the struggle of post-communist countries to build a better, normal life for themselves: "Have you read about this collective farm outside Grodno? The peasants decided to privatise it and divided all the land and property among themselves. The only problem is... there aren't any cows left. HA HA HA!"

Face it, you and your merry company are just a pimple on the ass of an asterisk in a footnote of the history of progress from tyranny to freedom.

Update: Powerline is, as always, devastating as it comments on John Kerry's statement "The United States and the Iraqis have retreated from whole areas of Iraq... There are no-go zones in Iraq today. You can't hold an election in a no-go zone":
"So the Democratic Party's candidate for President is on record as saying that January elections are impossible; or, if held, they will be illegitimate. The primary purpose of the terrorists' current terror campaign is to force the postponement or cancellation of the Iraqi elections. A secondary objective has been to secure the election of John Kerry. Through Kerry's own actions, those objectives have now become one. Kerry's message to the terrorists is: What you're doing is working. Keep it up. If I'm elected, you'll get your wish and there will be no elections in Iraq.

"In all of American history, is there any parallel to Kerry's disgraceful conduct?"


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