Sunday, October 24, 2004

Around the world in 58 blogs - if it gets any bigger it will explode 

Let's dive into the blogocean and retrieve some pearls.

(If you think that you have a pearl of your own that I might miss next week, why don't you let me know?)

In Australia, Tim Blair sums up the "Guardian"/Clark County fiasco here and here.

The House of Wheels
gives you the reasons of war - I haven't seen so many links in one post ever, not even in my good news series :-)

The Currency Lad writes about Australia's very own activist judges. He also has a post "On Arthur Chrenkoff And The Fifth Estate" (sorry, couldn't help linking to that one).

Mike Jericho at A Western Heart explains George Tenet's intervention in the Iraq debate.

Kev Gillett writes on what would have happened if he had a cell phone with him while fighting in Vietnam.

Niner Charlie sees leftie diatribes against Howard filling discount bins at bookshops.

Slattsnews blogs on the saga of Australian "useful idiot" hostage.

Fabian's Hammer makes sure that somebody's watching China, as everyone's attention is turned to the Middle East. No link to any specific post, just keep scrolling.

Yobbo argues that PETA supports sheep genocide.

In the United States, Powerline blogs on Kerry, the allies and Israel. Roger Simon has more thoughts.

Michelle Malkin turns 34 and witnesses liberal meltdown on MSNBC's Scarborough Country.

Blackfive has interesting emails from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Dean Esmay writes on "if Kerry wins".

At Winds of Change, Lewy 14 bring us the latest Hate Watch, and Armed Liberal decides to vote for Bush.

Wretchard at Belmont Club blogs about terrorism as fantasy versus terrorism as reality.

Polipundit is getting in nominations for the best liberal meltdown of the year - should Kerry lose in November there might be another few good nominations.

INDC Journal blogs about wolves, bears, frogs and dragons.

Captain's Quarters writes about Kerry's sacrificial geese.

Vodka Pundit speculates about the time "when the US is ruined and China has colonists on Mars."

Bunker Mulligan has voted - Dubya's the man. Solomonia is also endorsing Bush and will be voting a straight Republican ticket for the first time ever.

David Adesnik at Oxblog notes that the "Nation" has endorsed Kerry: "viva la revolucion!"

Clayton Cramer blogs on why the oil prices are so high.

Tom Paine at Silent Running speculates about the next American Civil War.

Peter Schramm at No Left Turns explores a kooky election scenario.

Fred Schoeneman blogs about those draft rumors that won't go away, mostly because the Dems don't want them to. HoodaThunk? has more.

Baldilocks blogs on why the Democratic Party will not apologise to black Americans.

Bill Roggio at A Fourth Rail gives a detailed account of the battle for the Sunni Triangle.

Reasonable Force writes about pro-life blogs.

Brain Shavings argues why Democrats must vote for Bush. And the Dipolomad argues why the American Jews have to do the same.

Peaktalk ponders a pre-emptive strike against Canada.

The tireless Masamune, who doesn't just write posts but essays, has a long an thoughtful one on the intellectual origins of anti-Americanism.

Pacetown asks whether the increasing cell phone ownership is starting to have an impact on the accuracy of opinion polls.

Fringe blogs about the quality of Republican and Democrat sex lives.

Fausta at Bad Hair Blog writes about those pesky foreign endorsements for Kerry.

The Key Monk is doing some baseball blogging.

Rob at Fine? Why Fine? got married. Congrats on the new life adventure.

Tex the Pontificator writes about "theocrats for Bush": "Many people from the northeast seem uncomfortable with explicit religious expression. Apparently Western Europeans tend to be uncomfortable with it as well. Andrew Sullivan being a transplanted Brit living in the northeast, I suppose that phenomenon applies doubly to him."

In Europe, Greg at the Belgravia Dispatch notes just exactly how long we haven't heard from Osama.

Transatlantic Intelligencer
profiles Tariq Ramadan, the non-violent man of peace. Sort of.

Tomas Kohl blogs about crushing of dissent in Europe.

Ne Pasaran infiltrates a pro-Kerry rally in Paris.

Barcepundit blogs about the video footage of the Madrid terrorist attack.

The Kommentariat notes that commies had a bad day.

In Asia, Simon at Simon World reports from a presentation given in Hong Kong by John Zogby of Zogby polling "about the 4 million Christian Conservatives, the key factor in polling intention (and it's not what you think), differences between red and blue states, the Nader impact, the mistakes in both campaigns, the impact of blogs and internet and plenty more."

A Guy in Pajamas blogs about compulsory English lessons for the French.

In the Middle East, Iraq the Model notes that clerics are endorsing democracy.

Greyhawk from the Mudville Gazette observes Cowboys and Indians in the Wild East of Iraq.

Israellycool watches over the birth of another anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

And please welcome this week's new kids on the blog: Aging Divas for Bush ("If the political spin is making you dizzy and you think there’s more to the story, tune in here. Our goal is to report 'the facts' and in the process to help reelect President George W. Bush," say Gaye and Karyn); Foreigners for Bush ("My Bush-Cheney '04 lawn sign -- with a Canadian flag beside it"); and "Macroscope ("politics, culture and current events from an aggregate point of view").

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