Tuesday, November 16, 2004

From the other end of the Axis of Evil 

Watch this space:
"Hardliners have tightened their political grip on North Korea while Kim Jong-il, the Stalinist state's dictator, has retreated into virtual seclusion after the death of his favourite consort from cancer.

"Chinese and Western sources say the regime has prepared for a state of siege as it confronts a re-elected US administration under George W. Bush that is determined to break Pyongyang and disarm it of nuclear weapons.

"As Japanese envoys tried to persuade the North Koreans last week to rejoin multinational talks, Mr Kim's absence from the scene led to speculation a debilitating power struggle might have paralysed the ruling group."
The report continues: "Diplomats and aid officials in Pyongyang noticed the first signs of a clampdown when some members of their North Korean staff were abruptly reassigned to new jobs and others became more nervous than usual about discussing current affairs. Restrictions had been imposed on foreigners' movements, they said."

There are other signs: Polish press (link in Polish), quoting Russian sources, reports that portraits of the communist leader Kim Jong Il, which adorned every wall throughout the country, have all apparently been taken down.

Stay tuned.


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