Monday, January 17, 2005

Monday morning reading 

Australia's number one leftie pundit Phillip Adams doesn't get "The Simpsons" ("How can Americans love The Simpsons yet vote for Bush?"). Tim Blair and the House of Wheels take him to task.

Please wish
Greyhawk a very happy (and safe) birthday. And Libercontrarian is turning 40.

If you're not reading Steve Vincent's
In The Red Zonee blog, why not? Where else are you going to find consistently excellent commentary (often from a first-hand experience) about Iraq and the Middle East? For starters, you can read this post about storming Muslim social redoubts.

Fausta at the Bad Hair Blog discovers that one of Spain's most popular authors is a
bigot. And Barcepundit notes another Spanish diplomatic faux pas.

Like yours truly, Carpe Bonum is
not concerned about the end of the fruitless WMD search. Instapundit blogs about it, too - extensively (for Instapundit).

The Astute Blogger comments on the possibility of a
Mosque de Notre Dame. Speaking of demographics, Powerline notes the surprising results of some new research in the Middle East.

Logic Times looks at
conservationism versus environmentalism.

Decision '08 has some
lessons and proposals flowing out of the Memogate.

And last but not least,
P.J. O'Rourke's alternative inauguration address:

"My fellow Americans, I had intended to reach out to all of you and bring a divided nation together. But I changed my mind. America isn't divided by political ethos or ethnic origin. America isn't divided by region or religion. America is divided by jerks. Who wants to bring a bunch of jerks together with the rest of us? Let them stew in Berkeley, Boston, and Ann Arbor."
(hat tip: Geoffrey MG) Read the whole thing and tell me - is it just me or is P.J. getting somewhat more conservative in his old age?


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