Monday, March 14, 2005

Jihad Pundit is in the house 

Name: Khalil
Nationality: Australian
Cultural Orientation: Lebanese
Religion: Agnostic

Jihad Pundit, the Arab Street Neoconservative, and add him to your blogroll. You can start off with his delightful post, "Why Blog?":

"The other event was a train ride I took, from Liverpool to Town Hall (these stations will be familiar only to Sydneysiders, I fear). It was mid-afternoon on a sweltering day, I was seated in the lower section of an ice-cold Tangara, and was killing time by idly eavesdropping on a few conversations which swirled around me.

"My ears pricked up when I heard the words: 'f*cking wogs' used in a particularly unflattering manner (for non-Australians, 'wog' is a semi-derogatory term used mainly by Anglo-Celtic people to refer to people with superior suntans). This was closely followed by the loud use of the ever-popular 'camel-f*ckers'. Put together, I figured that the conversation warranted locating."
It did and he did. Read on.


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