Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Of Jordanian terrorists, indiscreet journalists and wrong stars 

Iraq the Model reports on another anti-terrorism rally in Iraq, this time with an international twist:

"As expected, angry and sad Iraqis have started protests against the sickening behavior of the family and tribe of the Jordanian terrorist who committed the bloody massacre of Hilla a few weeks ago.

"Crowds gathered outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad on Sunday shouting: 'No, no to Jordan, close your embassy, we do not want to see you here.'

"However, AFP report said: 'They urged the government to file charges against the family of Raed al-Banna, who the Iraqi media says carried out a car bombing on 28 February that killed at least 118 people and wounded scores more.'

"It's really odd that AFP failed to acknowledge that the identity of the suicide bomber was revealed by noone other than one of Jordan's most prominent newspapers, Al-Ghad!"
In a strange new development, the Jordanian authorities have arrested the journalist responsible for putting out the story in question, for his "erroneous and fabricated" article (in the words of the Interior Ministry spokesman). Jordanians, not surprisingly, were not happy about scenes like this which damage the otherwise good bilateral relations:

(hat tip: Powerline) Which begs the question: this is the Jordanian flag...

...so what is the Star of David doing on the "Jordanian" flag being set on fire by the Iraqi protesters? The innocent explanation is that the angry Iraqis miscounted the points on the star, which should have seven instead of six. The less innocent explanation: they subscribe to Saudi Prince Abdullah's theories.

Speaking of Jordan and suicide bombers, check out
Athena's extensive coverage, including another one for the "so much for poverty breeding terrorism" files.


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