Thursday, April 14, 2005

No WMDs, just a lot of bodies 

Two more mass graves are discovered in Iraq over the last two days.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) satellite TV station KurdSAT reports on a grave uncovered in the eastern part of Al-Salman Administrative District in the city of Al-Samawah, south of Baghdad. It contains a large number of bodies of
women, children and elderly people, mostly Kurdish, most, it is thought, from the nearby prison built by Saddam in 1983.

Another grave is discovered on the banks of the Euphrates in Muhiya, in Nasiriyah, in the south of the country. This one is said to contain
dozens of bodies (25 exhumed so far), presumably of the Shia.

Somewhere out there, still unexcavated is a giant mass grave containing the credibility of all the "peace advocates", the "compassionate" and the "concerned" of the West. As
Mark Steyn wrote more than two years ago, before the shooting started: "As far as Saddam's subjects are concerned, the 'peace' movement means peace for you and Tony Benn and Sheryl Crow and Susan Sarandon, and a prison for them." The lucky ones, that is.


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