Thursday, June 30, 2005

Those insensitive hostages 

Further to my earlier report that the Swedish former hostage in Iraq, Ulf Hjertstrom, has hired bounty hunters to settle scores with his kidnappers ("I invested about $50,000 so far and we will get them one by one."), my friends from the Stockholm Spectator blog have let me know that there has been further developments in the fierce Scandinavian saga:
Hearty Hjerstrom "doesn't want to go into detail" about the bounty hunters, but assures Expressen that they are "the best money can buy."

"They're not twiddling their thumbs," declares Hjerstrom, revealing that he has "received confirmation that two of [the kidnappers] have already been taken care of." When asked to elaborate on the fate of the purportedly captured kidnappers, the Swede says he "hasn't inquired" but has his "suspicions."
As the Swede says, "I just want the people of Baghdad to feel safe on the streets."

I'm not for vigilantism, but if these people are so good that they can track down and presumably eliminate kidnappers - one would think a needle in a haystack mission if there ever was one in Iraq - maybe the proper security services should use their services. The left could hardly whine about mercenaries and subcontracting security than it already does.


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