Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday reading 

Have or seen an interesting post? Let me know.

Don't miss John Hawkins' interview with the author of the new Hillary-bashing book, Ed Klein.

Speaking of "The Truth About Hillary", Pundit Guy is progressively blogging as he gets through the book.

Bill Roggio observes "Guardian" spin away a security success in Iraq.

Chester notes that insurgents are making the same demands as Dennis Kucinich.

Decision 08's new Jackasses of the Week – the Kelo majority. Plus a late entrant.

The New Editor notes that MoveOn had released its talking points in response to President Bush's speech - before the speech was actually delivered.

Speaking of the speech, here's Lorie from Polipundit's reaction.

Speaking of withdrawing from Iraq, Don Surber says this is what a timetable looks like.

Thought from Bruce Chang about flag burning.

Transatlantic Intelligencer gets a nasty email from the French journalism expelled from Iraq.

Davids Medienkritk reports from an anti-Schroeder demonstration in Washington.

Prepare yourself for the Carnival of Liberty.

The Duck of Minerva blogs about the Chinese takeover bid for UNOCAL.

All Things Conservative fisks Michael Smith, the reported who first broke the Downing Street Memo story.

Media Slander fisks Linda Foley.

Security Watchtower offers the tale of two jihads.


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