Friday, July 22, 2005

See you tomorrow 

Sorry that blogging is a bit light today (or Friday morning US time); I'm pretty stuffed after the whole week and need to have an early night to recharge for a busy weekend (including blogging, of course!).

Been reading Bob Woodward's "Plan of Attack" and the new Harry Potter. Decided to give the Harry Potter a preference, since I already know how "Plan of Attack" ends (the plot's pretty simple - under the impression that the evil wizard who almost killed his father in Kuwait in 1993, He Who Must Not Be Named, is in possession of both "The Sorcerer's Yellowcake" and "The Chamber of Torture", young Harry Potter invades Iraq, liberating the country but in the process getting caught up in "The Prisoner of Abu Ghraib" scandal, as well as being embarrassed by the discovery that He Who Must Not Be Named did not really have "The Goblet of Fire", or even an active program to produce one. Undaunted by these setbacks, Harry Potter tries to establish "The Order of Phoenix" throughout the whole region, and manages to win re-election, having defeated "The Half-wit Prince". To be continued.)


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