Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The last post 

Here we go - as foreshadowed a few week ago, it's the time to say good-bye.

I'm not one for making speeches (at least not for myself), so let me just say: thank you. Thank you for all your support and encouragement, for reading and linking to my stuff, and for coming back. Blogging has been a great adventure for me for those past eighteen months. I've always enjoyed writing, and I've always enjoyed politics. Blogging allowed me to combine these two passions and reach tens of thousands of people around the world. Most importantly, the traffic has not been one way only. It's getting to know so many of you - via other blogs, via comments, via email - that has made it so very worthwhile. It has not been an easy year for me this year, but you all made it better.

You have to accept this collective appreciation, since there are too many of you to thank individually - but everything I said on the occasion of my first blogiversary a few months ago still stands.

And, as a nice bonus, you've all managed to clock up three million visits on this site since it started on March 31, 2004. I didn't expect that would happen before my retirement, so it definitely made my day.

I'm signing off, but the war goes on. I rejoice in the scope and quality of the blogosphere that is able to provide you with so many alternatives to my blog. I'm sure you'll enjoy much good reading in the future. My thoughts will remain with all those on the frontlines of the struggle for freedom and democracy.

So, thanks again, God bless, and keep in touch.


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