Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ah, the Hollywood... 

"The Day After Tomorrow", the new disaster movie blockbuster, set to open around the world late next month, is providing another twist on the usual environmental scare-mongering that Hollywood likes to engage in - the greenhouse gas emission will actually set off an instant ice age.

The brains behind the movies can't seem to make up their mind whether everyone on our planet will be boiled or frozen to death, but one thing is certain: whatever happens, those darned, gas-spewing capitalists will be to blame. Oh, and the Bush Administration which refuses to do anything to save our planet.

"The new movie's script contains a host of politically uncomfortable situations: the president's motorcade is flash frozen; the vice-president, who scoffs at warnings even as chaos erupts, resembles Dick Cheney; and the humbled US has to plead with Mexico to allow masses of American refugees fleeing the ice to cross the border."

In all, an enviro-wacko's wet dream.

Hence: "If environmentalists distance themselves from the movie, they will be squandering a gift, said Dr Daniel B. Botkin, professor of ecology at the University of California, Santa Barbara.'I think it is a good educational opportunity, and that we should treat a disaster movie as entertainment and not get upset that it is a distortion . . . But $125 million on global warming must be a record for publicising the issue'."

I'm sure the 20th Century Fox shareholders will be just delighted to hear that the company is now in the business of making public service announcements with their money.


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