Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The appeasement update 

Not satisfied with abandoning the fight, and pulling their own troops out of Iraq, Spain now wants to work out a plan to pull out the American troops too.

"The idea is to see if Spain, France and Germany can help the United States find an exit from Iraq...and devise a formula for an international presence there that would not be perceived as an occupation by most of the population," Reuters quotes an unnamed source.

"Asked whether Spain would be prepared to send troops back to Iraq under such a formula, the source said it was too soon to say."

Indeed. The Spanish government will have to wait for the further instructions from al Quaeda on that one.

"Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos has mentioned the possibility of sending Arab forces into Iraq, and of a future international presence that would not include soldiers from countries which have been a part of the U.S.-led coalition."

If the plan is as delusional as that, at least we can rest easy, knowing that its chances of being implemented are zero.

But the World Socialist organisation, as always, knows more than the rest of us: "Spain attempts to appease the US on Iraq."

As the old Polish saying goes, they can hear the bell tolling, but they don't know in which church.


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