Monday, April 12, 2004

Bartlett saddened by Gallipoli ban; everyone else saddened by the Democrats 

So the Democrats' Senator Andrew Bartlett is "sad" that Australian soldiers will not be granted leave to visit Gallipoli on Anzac Day this year, although he backs the ADF's decision.

"They would be the ones who have a special connection with (Gallipoli), particularly when part of the Anzac legend is of staring in the face of danger... It is certainly a real shame that that is where things have deteriorated to," said the erstwhile Senator.

In Bartlett's ideal world, Australian military personnel would be pulled out of Iraq where they are relatively safe working as air traffic controllers (among other jobs), but allowed to go to Gallipolli where they can be blown up by some crazy Islamist nutbag with a belt of plastic explosives.

And if part of the Anzac legend really is staring in the face of danger, then who are we to disrespect that legend and pull out troops out of Iraq?

It's certainly a real shame that this is where the Democrats have deteriorated to.


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