Saturday, April 24, 2004

Blair on Pilger 

Hilarious. Tim Blair fisks Australia's answer to Robert Fisk and Noam Chomsky, our very own "useful idiot" John "no regime is too horrible for me, as long as it's anti-American" Pilger.

This, by the way, was Pilger a few months ago:

"I think the resistance in Iraq is incredibly important for all of us. I think that we depend on the resistance to win so that other countries might not be attacked, so that our world in a sense becomes more secure. Now, I don't like resistances that produce the kind of terrible civilian atrocities that this one has, but that is true of all of the resistances. This one is a resistance against a rapacious power, that if it is not stopped in Iraq will go on as we now know to North Korea where Mr. Cheney and others are just chomping at the bit to have a crack at that country. So, what the outcome of this resistance is terribly important for the rest of the world. I think if the United States' military machine and the Bush administration can suffer -- Well, the let's say, quote, defeat, unquote, because it was never a complete defeat in Vietnam, but if they suffer something like that in Iraq."

And you thought I was kidding about this whole "no regime is too horrible for me, as long as it's anti-American" thing?


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