Sunday, April 25, 2004

Brown-nosing himself to Latham 

As Australian Prime Minister John Howard makes a surprise visit to Australian troops in Iraq to celebrate Anzac Day (for non-Aussie and New Zealand readers, it's a day of celebration and remembrance of Australia's past military involvements), the Greens Senator Bob Brown claims that the PM should have taken the leader of the opposition, Mark "Werriwa Appeaser" with him.

Why? So Mark can tell our soldiers face to face that he would rather have them back in Australia right now? Latham obviously doesn't appreciate the work that Australian military personnel are doing in Iraq, otherwise he would commit himself to keeping them there until the mission is accomplished. What would Latham then add to the celebrations in Baghdad?

"Anzac Day is way above politics and it needs to be kept very non partisan," Brown told the media.

And I guess taking with you to Baghdad the man who so violently disagrees with the current government policy on Iraq would have made it so very non partisan.

Brown continues: "Choosing Anzac Day now when we are a month or two out from an election, I think it would have been very wise, proper and dignified for him to have asked Mark Latham to go with him."

I don't know whether it might have been very wise, proper and dignified for the PM to have asked Latham along. But it certainly would not have been very wise, proper and dignified for Latham to go there.


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