Friday, April 16, 2004

Friday night bits'n'pieces: South Korean farce, ATSIC, ex-human shield, and leftie racism 

There are still places around the world where elections are interesting. Check out what Kennett has got to report on the bizarre goings-on in South Korea.

Meanwhile back in Australia, Slattery doesn't shed any tears for ATSIC. Is it still a wedge issue if it's bipartisan?

Niner Charlie doesn't have much sympathy for our very own Aussie human shield turned hostage turned celebrity. Although Tim Blair is seeing more and more curious gaps in Donna Mulhearn's story.

And Fried Man draws our attention to a disgusting racially-based attack on Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell. If it was the right doing the smearing they would get lynched, but I guess it's OK if the left does it.


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