Thursday, April 29, 2004

Gaddafi shares his words of wisdom with France and Belgium 

Gaddafi does the Edith Piaf impersonation in an interview with Radio France Internationale:

"We were in a phase of fighting for emancipation, liberation.... We were accused of being terrorists, but that is the price we had to pay. If that is terrorism, then we are proud to be terrorists because we helped the liberation of the (African) continent... I absolutely do not regret the past."

Gaddafi had financed a fair share of "liberation movements" in his days, but most of them seem to have been located outside Africa. I'm not sure what the IRA, the PLO, or the Japanese Red Army had to do with liberation of Africa, particularly seeing that most of African countries gained their independence before Gaddafi got into power and started exporting "revolution".

The report also notes: "In a speech to Belgium's parliament, also on Wednesday, [Gaddafi] described terrorism as 'the result of the imbalance in the world at the moment' and suggested that so-called terrorists had no other course of action."

Wow, the Belgians must be very proud to have such eminent world leader addressing their Parliament. Correct me if I'm wrong but George Bush never had this same honour, and even if he were to be invited, I'm sure many Belgian parliamentarians would strenuously protest giving an official platform to such an international outcast. Way to go, Old Europe.


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