Thursday, April 22, 2004

German army in sex blitzkrieg 

Germany takes a giant step towards regaining its status as world's preeminent military power:

"German soldiers who are in relationships with each other will be able to sleep together in barracks and on foreign missions. Peter Struck, the defence minister, said the new guidelines applied to homosexual as well as heterosexual couples. They were necessary to reflect 'social normality'. Until now, sex between married or cohabiting servicemen has been forbidden in barracks and on operations at home and abroad.

"The change was announced after protests from several Social Democrat MPs who said that the ban on cohabitation in barracks was putting women off becoming soldiers."

Meanwhile, earlier in the year, the erstwhile defence minister Struck has "ordered drastic cuts in the military and slashed defence spending by £18 billion. He said changes since the Cold War and a government austerity drive were behind the decision to reduce numbers by 35,000 to 250,000 and to close 111 bases in the next eight years."

While as a Pole I don't actually mind the prospect of German army being finally piss-weak after one thousand years, it annoys me, on behalf of my American friends, that the US army continues to underwrite German security so that the German army can enjoy undisturbed sex in the barracks. Memo to Secretary Rumsfeld: shift the bases east of Oder River. If you're going to spend money stationing US troops in Europe, Poland will be much more grateful.


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