Friday, April 16, 2004

Greenpeace: save the seals, screw Iraqis 

Environmental organisations are outraged at the largest seal cull in recent years taking place in Canada.

"As the hunt drew to a close, images of seal pups being butchered outraged activists. According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare, some seals were skinned alive.

" 'I've observed the Canadian seal hunt each year for the past five years,' IFAW spokeswoman Rebecca Aldworth said. 'This year we saw terrible cruelty and almost no government monitoring of the hunt. Just metres away from us, conscious seal pups were sliced open. They were dragged across the ice with boathooks. Injured seals were left to die in stockpiles of carcasses.'

"The fund, which filmed the cull, released graphic images yesterday. Greenpeace Canada spokesman Andrew Male said the group had 'serious concerns" about the cull.'

But Greenpeace had no such "serious concerns" about Saddam Hussein and his three decades' long cull of Iraqi people. Quite the opposite: " Greenpeace is opposed to war. We joined with thousands of people all over the world in months of global action to promote a non-violent solution to the conflict in Iraq. We believed the war was more about oil than about effectively dealing with weapons of mass destruction. It would result in devastating human and environmental consequences, and set a dangerous (not to mention illegal) precedent."

Well, the only non-violent solution to the conflict in Iraq involved leaving Saddam in power, which of course wasn't a dangerous precedent at all - unless you were an Iraqi. As for devastating human and environmental consequences - in your wet dreams, Greenpeace. Unless you think that the restoration of wetlands, destroyed by Saddam in an attempt to punish Marsh Arabs, is bad environmental news.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare also much rather rescues Saddam Hussein's Arab horses rather than Saddam Hussein's Arab people, and saves Helena the Bear from heat in Baghdad zoo, but at least I guess animal welfare is their mission.

What's Greenpeace's excuse?


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