Thursday, April 22, 2004

Is that what Perot had in mind when he warned about "the giant sucking sound"? 

John Kerry, the first French-American to aspire to US Presidency, rallies against American companies outsourcing jobs to cheaper overseas localities. Governor Schwarzenegger is trying very hard to make sure that American movie jobs stay in California instead of migrating elsewhere.

Now we know why:

"The recent news that actor Darren James contracted HIV while filming in Brazil and infected at least one other person upon his return has uncovered an open secret no one has wanted to confront: Adult film companies often shoot movies in foreign locales like Brazil, Budapest and Prague, in part to save money on less expensive local talent, in part to find new faces to fill the voracious demand for adult films."

Those damned foreigners - first they take our jobs, then they take our men and women.

Just wait for the left to call for regulation of those "sweatshops." Actually, here you go already. Now all we need the International Labor Organisation to step in.


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