Friday, April 30, 2004

Jihad as therapy 

Tired and stressed by your studies? Your work gets you down? You're alienated from the people around you?

Why not consider attending a three-week camp which will be just "the first step in the ladder" and will give you a "taste of jihad as part of [your] religion"?

It seems this has worked for Izhar Ul-Haque, the medical student from Sydney now charged by the Federal-NSW Police Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force with training with the al Quaeda-associated Pakistani group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

"The court heard Mr Ul-Haque had been frustrated at failing his second year of medicine at the University of NSW, as well as unhappy experiences with patients during his training in Sydney hospitals. 'The Western patients in hospitals look at me as though I'm a frog,' he says in one letter, the court was told... He was [also] fed up with Westerners and their 'animal type of lifestyle'."

Ul-Haque returned from his holidays with batteries recharged (so to speak), "30 books in his luggage including handwritten notes about rocket launchers, landmines, tanks and multi-purpose machineguns," and an expectation "to die a martyr for a Pakistani terrorist group."

Gives a whole new meaning to adventure holidays.


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