Thursday, April 29, 2004

Jihad comes to Thailand 

God help the Americans if they'd tried that in Iraq.

"Soldiers stormed a mosque in southern Thailand late yesterday, killing at least 32 Islamic militants and ending a day of violent clashes across the region that left as many as 150 people dead. After a seven-hour siege at that Kruesie mosque on the outskirts of the Pattani township, troops backed by helicopters attacked and entered the building."

Now awaiting the world outrage at the Thai Buddhist violent desecration of an Islamic house of worship.

The other interesting observation about the recent clashes in southern Thailand: "Regional police chief Lieutenant-General Proong Bunphandung said most of those killed were teenagers. 'Most of the dead insurgents are youths of ages ranging from 15 to 20, but two of the leaders are aged about 50 and 60,' he said. 'Many of them had little more than a machete in their hands. It was like a death wish. This is scary,' an [unnamed] intelligence officer told 'The Nation' [Thai] newspaper."

"Their intention was to rob guns from defence volunteers and district offices, but our troops were well prepared for that," said the Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra.

The article continues: "Regional security analysts say there is no evidence of developed links between the militants and Jemaah Islamiah, an affiliate of al-Qaeda, but they believe the Thai groups have been emboldened by the rise in international terrorism in recent years."

That's probably true - otherwise the militants would be better organised and equipped; like running at the military post strapped with explosives instead with machetes.

That's for now. But watch this space.


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