Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Kerry's delusions continue 

Guess what? John Kerry is critical of George Bush’s performance at his press conference: “Tonight, the president had the opportunity to tell the American people what steps he was going to take to stabilise the situation in Iraq. Unfortunately, he offered no specific plan whatsoever.”

But how specific – and how sensible – is Kerry’s own plan for Iraq?

"We need to internationalise the effort and put an end to the American occupation. We need to open up the reconstruction of Iraq to other countries. We need a real transfer of political power to the UN," Kerry said.

Wow! Why haven’t we thought about it before?

Let’s internationalise the effort – but there are already 33 countries with troops in Iraq. How many exactly does Kerry want? And what extra countries is he going to bring into what he has previously described as Bush’s “fraudulent coalition”? Russia? France? Germany? Good luck, seeing that he can’t even convince the man who endorsed him for president, the Spanish PM Zapatero, to keep the troops in past June 30.

Let’s open reconstruction of Iraq to other countries – but the contracts are already open to “Coalition partners and force contributing nations” – that’s a few dozen countries as it is. How will it change the situation in Iraq if Russia, or France, or China get their foot in? Anyone?

And let’s transfer “real” political power to the UN – never mind that the Iraqi themselves, after twelve years of being stuffed around by the toothless UN don’t want UN to have a role (see page 7 onwards) – the UN itself doesn’t want to go into Iraq in the current “security environment”. Kofi seems to realise what Kerry doesn’t – you can’t put the cart before the horse – security comes first, only then you can start thinking about all the touchy-feely international multilateral crap.

Mark “the Werriwa Appeaser” Latham wants to catch up with John Kerry when he goes to suck some Democrat holes in the US in June this year (seeing that the electrified fence is as close as he’s going to get to the presidential ranch). I’m sure that the exchange of views will be mutually beneficial. Latham can get even more of inane foreign policy guidance. Kerry meanwhile can ask Latham to reconsider the Labor policy on troop pullout. He will be told to f*** off.


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