Sunday, April 11, 2004

The leftie vigil-antes stir apathy again 

For the second day running, the usual melange of "hate Howard" groups has been involved in a vigil near the PM's Sydney residence, the Kirribilli House, this time to protest the mandatory detention of asylum seekers.

The media quotes Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul as saying: "The coalition government has used refugees to divert attention from the cuts to all kinds of public spending, whether that's hospitals, Medicare or teaching," Mr Rintoul said.

What is he on? The Government has been consistently over the years increasing all kinds of public spending, be it hospitals, or Medicare, or teaching. The only thing that has been cut by the Government is the number of illegal entrants gate-crashing our borders.

""We have seen that the government is all too willing to use the refugee issue to try and divide the community," added Mr Rintoul. Divide the community by doing something that the majority of the community wants and supports? How dastardly and undemocratic of the Government.

I guess that's why the protesters are planning to march onto the Kirribilli house and hand a government representative a "symbolic eviction notice." Why not instead actually try to convince the majority of Australians that the Government's policy is wrong and they should elect the Greens? But that would be too much hard work.

Eviction notices might be "symbolic", but what's not symbolic is the single digit support that the Greens and other associated extremist leftie nutcases receive at election time, when it actually counts.


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