Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Libyan circus hits Brussels 

Gaddafi learns well the lesson from the Europeans:

"Libya is determined and committed to play a leading role in achieving world peace," he has told the EU’s president Romano Prodi during his visit to Brussels.


"We do hope that we shall not be forced to go back to those days when we bomb our cars or put explosive belts around our beds and around our women so that we will not be searched and harassed in our bedrooms and in our homes, as is taking place now in Iraq and Palestine," he added.

No, we wouldn't want to force Libya back into terrorism. After the Madrid bombing fiasco expect Europe to roll over again.

But Gaddafi didn't just come to warn, but also to impress:

"Col Gaddafi, wearing a fez and a grey-green robe, clearly revelled in all the attention as he waved and smiled at more than 200 dancing supporters when he arrived at the commission building. After talks and lunch with Mr Prodi and a meeting with Guy Verhofstadt, the Belgian prime minister, he was to spend the night in a black Bedouin tent, complete with satellite dish, pitched in the grounds of a Belgian government residence."

(In particular, check out the photo of Javier Solano being “received” in Gaddafi’s tent.)

Where else but Brussels could a circus like that unfold? Imagine Colin Powell coming to visit Prodi and setting up a with a US Army armoured brigade in a courtyard of Prodi's residence, before “receiving” the local dignitaries in his own tent.

Eurabia, here we come.


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