Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Looking for hate in all the wrong places 

Just another thought about my posting yesterday about the opinion poll, which suggests that probably as a result of “The Passion”, more Americans now believe that the Jews were responsible for the death of Christ. As the article I quoted went on to say, however, at the same time the level of anti-Semitic incidents has not increased, and another study mentioned in the article suggested that for an overwhelming majority of people the film had no impact on how they view contemporary Jews, and most of the reminder now has a more positive view of the Jews as a result of Gibson’s film.

So what’s the conclusion then? Just as I suggested earlier in my extended comments on “The Passion”, the elite commentariat has once again got those horrible, trashy, bigoted, gun-totting and pickup-truck-driving Christians wrong. The question of who’s responsible for Christ’s death is a historical one, and it has got a historical answer (whatever that answer actually is). But whether people believe it’s the first century Jews or the Romans, or both, who did it, it doesn’t mean they will start torching synagogues or bombing pizzerias. There’s a lot of violence being done against the Jews in the world today, but Christians should be everyone’s least worry.

On this general topic, check out this piece by Rabbi Aryeh Spero in “The Wall Street Journal”.


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