Sunday, April 11, 2004

Never underestimate people’s gratitude… 

…not! Just refer to this report of an anti-American, anti-“occupation” march by 500 people waving Iraqi flags in Sydney. The report seems to indicate that the marchers were Iraqis, protesting against the “military occupation of their homeland” – I would like to know for certain how many of the marchers were actually Australian Iraqis, and how many were from the usual anti-Great Satan crowd that can be counted to turn up to these events and wave the day’s flag of convenience. Regardless, however...

The report says: “Speaking in Arabic, Imam Murtada al-Saidi said although his people were happy to see an end to Saddam Hussein's regime, they were sad at what the American-led occupation had brought.”

(Obviously not happy enough. And don’t you love how everything always turns out to be the American’s fault, with everybody else merely reacting to it? It’s what “the American-led occupation had brought”, not by any stretch of imagination what the Saddamite die-hards and power-hungry Shia extremists have brought).

Another speaker, Keysar Trad, spokesman for the Mufti, Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali, is quoted as saying: “"Mr Howard, the polls are near... Australia is for the Australian people, our Australian government must represent us and must act in our interests. We refuse to take orders from the White House or from Bush and his cronies."

And this, from a marcher called Abdal Halfi (“who attended the rally with his children”): "They said we come to Iraq to make Iraqi people free but they put them in the prisons ... they punish them more than Saddam did.”

How is this for sheer stupidity, moral blindness and ingratitude? To say that the Americans “punish [Iraqis] more than Saddam did” indicates such pathological detachment from reality as to send an observer into paroxysm of hysterical laughter. Are we talking about the same Saddam here? The one that started the war with Iran, which claimed one million Iraqi and Iranian lives? The one who invaded Kuwait (about 200,000 dead)? The one who for thirty years persecuted his own citizens, put down uprisings and used chemical weapons (another 300,000 dead)? Or maybe Mr Halfi is talking about some other Saddam.

A memo to Mr Halfi and his fellow marchers: if Saddam’s rule wasn’t that bad compared to the American occupation, then why the f*** have you moved to Australia instead of continuing to live in Iraq? And since you are all here now, enjoying the benefits of living in a tolerant, safe, free, liberal democracy, what gives you the right to condemn those you have left behind in Iraq to continue to live under Saddam’s boot (which would still be the case, if not for the American invasion) or under some sick and bizarre post-Baath Islamist clusterf*** of a dictatorship (which will be the case if the Americans end their “occupation” prematurely).

The Jews have a saying, which goes something like this: “What good have I done to you that you hate me so much?” But then again, what would those filthy Zionist pigs know?


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