Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The new Iraqi flag - another Zionist conspiracy? 

It seems that the new Iraqi flag unveiled by the Iraqi Governing Council is not meeting with widespread public support:

"It was supposed to be the perfect symbol for a new and unified Iraq: an Islamic crescent on a field of pure white, with two blue stripes representing the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and a third yellow stripe to symbolize the country's Kurdish minority."

The problem? "[P]eople objected to the pale blue color of the crescent and stripes, saying it was identical to the dominant color in the flag of Israel, a Jewish state."

Or as "The Washington Post" would put it if it was run by Al-Jazeera: a Star of David cleverly morphing itself into an Islamic crescent on a field of pure white, with two blue stripes from the Israeli flag squeezing to death a third yellow stripe to symbolise the Iraqi population oppressed by the Zionists.

Just joking; the actual Al-Jazeera report is quite bias free for a change.

The Kurds themselves are rather circumspect about being represented by a yellow stripe: "It is not clear why yellow represents the Kurds. Currently yellow represents the KDP, lead by Barzani." Massoud Barzani, that is, the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, who today hasn't had nice things to say about the Americans. Nothing to do with the flag either.

Back to the drawing boards. Maybe the flag should consist of three differently coloured stripes tied in a knot, to represent the deep love and affection between the three main religious and ethnic groups in Iraq.


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