Monday, April 12, 2004

No one left to abort 

European abortion/pro-choice advocates (take your pick depending on your own view) are complaining that the global advance of the right to terminate pregnancy is stalling, largely because of George W Bush (there he goes again), the Catholic Church, and the fact that European population is declining. The first two culprits are pretty predictable, but the third one is quite novel. In fact, the activists seem to be arguing that they are in part victims of their own success. Of course, the demographic crisis in Europe has great many causes, but there is little doubt that the generally quite liberal abortion laws across the continent do contribute to the fact that there simply aren't too many European children being born nowadays - certainly not enough to ensure dramatic shrinking of ethnic European population (as opposed to non-European migrant population, largely of North African and Middle Eastern origin, which is maintaining their old countries' growth rates). Regardless of one's personal views on the issue of abortion, it might be time to start seriously thinking about the consequences of the current regime - not just from the point of view of abstract morality, or from the point of view of individuals concerned, but focusing on the big picture - the really big picture.


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