Friday, April 23, 2004

North and South of the 38th parallel 

North Korea in the news again:

"About 3000 people were killed or injured after two trains laden with fuel collided and exploded today at a North Korean railway station, just hours after North Korea's Kim Jong-Il passed through on his return from China, reports said."

Unsurprisingly, "[t]he North Korean government, which often keeps its own citizens in the dark over events at home and abroad, immediately cut off international phone services to the devastated area in an effort to impose a news blackout."

The question is, will the North Korean commies try to blame the explosion on Western sabotage? As of this morning there was nothing about the crash on the official North Korean news agency website.

Speaking of things Korean, just when you thought that cultural protectionism was bad in France or even Australia, check out Kennett on the absurd system they have in South Korea.


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