Monday, April 12, 2004

Paul McGeough's cliche counter ticking on 

The "Sydney Morning Herald"'s man on the spot in Baghdad, Paul McGeough certainly knows the score: in his piece "How GI bullies are making enemies of their Iraqi friends" (12 April 2004) he writes that "the country is in convulsions and it seems the Americans have already lost the battle for Iraqi hearts and minds."

It seems that for the Americans it has been a long, bloody and unsuccessful battle. Already on 8 December 2003, Paul McGeough reported on "The losing battle for Iraqi hearts and minds."

And even earlier, on 28 March 2003, according to Paul McGeough, "US loses hearts and minds amid suburban hell."

One thing you have to give to those Yanks - once they're onto something they try really long and really hard.


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