Sunday, April 25, 2004

Political correctness 1; common sense 0 

After France implements its ban on headscarves, maybe all the concerned Muslim women can come across the Channel and ask for asylum:

"Thousands of Muslim women will be exempted from having to show their faces on identity cards as the Government moves to allay fears among British Muslims that the new cards will be used to target them in the 'war on terror'.

"As David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, faced attack for not allowing enough debate over the introduction of the first ID cards in Britain since the Second World War, officials made it clear that if Muslim women do not want to reveal their faces in public, that would be respected."

As a result of this sort of idiocy, let's hope we won't see the increased use of women by terrorist groups. After Reem Raiyshi was sent by Hamas in January this year to blow herself up in atonement for committing adultery, we know that Islamo-fascists have finally taken that giant step forward (or backward) for gender equality.


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