Sunday, April 25, 2004

Spain reunites with Morocco 

Speaking of Zapatero - Maria Teresa Fernandez De La Vega, First deputy president of the Spanish Government, said that the Spanish PM's visit to Morocco yesterday must be considered as a "reunion between two nations."

Fernandez De La Vega's choice of words might bring tears to Osama bin Laden's eyes, as the man himself had in the past proclaimed "Let the whole world know that we shall never accept that the tragedy of Al-Andalus would be repeated." For the benefit of readers who don't bear long historical grudges, he was referring to the fall of the Muslim state in Spain to Christians in 1492. Bin Laden's medium term aim of course is the resurrection of the Caliphate, and that involves restoration to Islamic control all the lands once held by Muslims - like Spain, Israel, East Timor, the Balkans.

Perhaps Fernandez De La Vega might want to choose her words more carefully in the future. Unless she actually enjoys giving Islamo-fascists hard-ons.


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