Monday, April 12, 2004

State bites boy 

We always knew that welfare system is faulty, but now we know that it also kills. What a headline, but what a sad story too: "Boy raised by dog dies on welfare". Apparently, a "Thai boy who was partially raised by a dog was found dead at a welfare centre where he had been taken for protection, police and welfare officials said today.

"Two-year-old Prateep Chumnoon made headlines in the Thai media last year when he was taken from his impoverished 60-year-old grandmother who regularly left him in the care of her pet.

"The toddler's body was discovered early Sunday morning inside a high plastic container used for laundry at a welfare centre in the southern Thai province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, local police said."

You don't have to be a libertarian to realise that the state is not the best substitute for a family. It seems that a dog - and even an "impoverished 60-year-old grandmother" - more often than not can do better.


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