Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Teacher, leave the kids alone 

In a strange way, it’s good to know that unions are the same the world over. Pathetic, that is. Particularly the teachers’ unions. Pat Lerew, the head of National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers in the UK, has now come out publicly to blame the rudeness and bad behaviour of today’s schoolchildren on the example set by and values of their 20- and 30-something parents, the “Thatcher’s children.”

Apparently “[l]ack of respect for authority in school can be traced back to the ‘devil take the hindmost’ attitude of the 1980s which bred ‘an inevitable rise in aggression and bullying’.”

"Many of the current generation of parents and children in school have little respect for teachers and others in authority," laments Mrs Lerew.

Well, I for one, am relieved that it’s not the fault of the mis-education system sabotaged for the past few decades by the teachers’ unions, and the nefarious influence of the increasingly leftie cultural establishment. Don’t you just love how the left is suddenly concerned about respect for authority, now that authority is theirs?


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