Tuesday, April 27, 2004

They're not all leftie wackos in Hollywood 

Watching "Frasier" your would be forgiven for thinking that the title character, the radio talk show psychologist Dr Frasier Crane, is a typical example of the trendy, upper middle-class, cappuccino drinking, chardonnay sipping, Democrat-voting fraternity.

Which he well might be, but Kelsey Grammer who plays Frasier certainly isn't. "I didn't mind waving the flag a little bit " he says.

"He does mind the poisonous political atmosphere, the class-hatred themes in the rhetoric of Ted Kennedy and other Democrats. 'That stuff is so repugnant to me'."

Last year, of course, Grammer "said he refused to watch this year's Academy Awards because of the anti-war 'crap' that fellow celebrities spewed." He was mostly referring to Michael Moore.

Looks like a pretty solid citizen to me.

Grammer has already in the past expressed interest in running for the US Senate in California.

That's one campaign I would love to work on.


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