Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Third Way - spitting on capitalism while wallowing in profits 

The author of "The State We're In" is in a pretty good one himself, thanks for asking. This is a delightful story from the UK:

"Will Hutton, Britain's foremost critic of capitalism and an outspoken advocate for affordable social housing, is married to a property developer who has made a fortune out of selling and renting inner-city properties, often at rates which local council housing officers describe as exorbitant.

"Mr Hutton's wife heads a company called First Premise, which owns and manages dozens of commercial and residential properties in London.

"The company specialises in renovating rundown properties - often with the help of public grants - and then makes a profit by selling or renting them out.

"The disclosure that Mr Hutton's own family is among those capitalising on Britain's property boom will be an acute embarrassment for him."

I doubt it - lefties are beyond embarrassment or shame.

Plus, if Marx could live off the profits of Engels' factory, why can't Hutton be a hypocrite too?


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