Thursday, April 08, 2004

Why is it always the Poles who do the heavy lifting? 

AP reports that Polish troops in Karbala shot dead in a gunfight al-Sadr's aide Muntadhir al-Mussawi, after being fired upon by al-Sadr's Shia militia. The Poles, who of all places are based in Babylon and are in charge of a 10,000-strong multinational armed force that oversees pretty much most of the southern Iraq, once again seem to have the right idea. Go "white and red"!

Strangely, however, mourners subsequently carrying away al-Mussawi's body were reported chanting, "Today we will free Karbala from the Jews." It's anyone's guess what was on their mind, but Hitler, that poster boy of Islamic anti-Semitism, had insured some 60 years ago that there never would be many Jews serving in Polish army.


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