Wednesday, May 12, 2004

All the apparent news that's fit to braodcast. 

How Al Jazeera reports beheading of the American hostage Nick Berg:

"A video running on an Islamist website has shown the apparent beheading of an American hostage in Iraq.

"A poor quality videotape on Tuesday showed five masked men sawing off the head of the bound hostage dressed in orange Guantanamo Bay style overalls after pushing him off a white plastic chair in a bare room." [my emphasis]
How Al Jazeera reports the Iraqi prisoner abuse:

"Former inmates of the US-occupation run Abu Ghuraib prison near Baghdad still find it difficult to relate their experiences of torture and humiliation, as more pictures of abuse come to light.

"One of the released detainees who was forced to pose naked in a human pyramid has told Aljazeera that the acts committed against them were so horrible that he still could not get himself to speak about most of it."
No apparent abuse this time, and all photos are of excellent quality.


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